About the Program

Welcome to the website of the Graduate Program in Ecology of the Institute of Biosciences of the University of São Paulo.

We are commited to provide a high-quality and broad background in ecology to our students.


Our goal

To graduate doctors and masters who are well prepared for teaching, developing high quality research, and who have a thorough understanding of the scientific method. We aim to provide our students with a broad and integrative view of all levels of ecological organization and with the skills to solve cutting-edge problems in research and applied issues. In this way, we intend to train professionals to work in academic jobs, but also in basic education and in non-academic areas related to environmental management and decision making for the conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity.  To that end we foster:


  • The ability to identify and to answer key questions in ecology, ranging from individuals to the biosphere and from a single lifetime to the deep-time dynamics of diversity.
  • Writen and spoken skills to communicate research findings within the scientific community and also to other social actors;
  • The understanding on current environmental challenges and on how to contribute to solve them.


Learning targets

  1.  Hability to formulate and answer cutting-edge basic and applied questions in the area;
  2.  Solid theoretical and analytical background;
  3.  Intellectual autonomy and well-grounded critical thinking for the analysis, interpretation and application of the research findings;
  4.  Written and spoken communication skills for academic and non-academic audiences.