Research lines


Applied Ecology - Conservation, Restoration and Education

Lines of research that seek to combine ecological theory with its application in solving environmental problems. Current areas of research are landscape planning, restoration and conservation of wildlife, ecosystem services and education. These lines of research share a background of Landscape Ecology, Restoration Ecology and Conservation Biology.  This line of research also includes a research area in research science education, particularly on the argumentation in scientific practice and in teaching ecology.

Ecology of Population, Communities and Ecosystems

Basic ecological research on the structure and dynamics of ecological systems, form populations to ecosystems. Current research focus on empirical studies and modelling of species-enviroment and species-species interactions in terrestrial and aquatic systems.


Evolutionary and Behavioral Ecology

This line of research explores the interface between ecology and evolution, to investigate how the ecological context influences the evolutionary dynamics of species and how evolution shapes the patterns of diversity. Currently, this line encompasses topics such as microevolutionary dynamics in natural populations and their relation to environmental conditions, evolutionary consequences of sexual selection and social behavior, coevolutionary processes in ecological interactions and the macroevolutionary dynamics of biodiversity. These studies integrate observational data, field and laboratory experiments, computational simulations and mathematical models.